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Dental Implant Complications

Dental Implant Complications

What are the Complications of Having Dental Implants?

The material used in a dental implant is titanium. Titanium is almost never rejected by the body. The body does not recognize titanium as being a foreign substance. Titanium is safe and does not cause any side effects.

Not everyone can have dental implants however. There are specific dental implant complications that can arise. For those who smoke or have diabetes the risk of dental implant failure is higher. However, there is hope for these people provided that they clean their teeth meticulously.

Placing dental implants into a mouth that has dental decay or other problems can also lead to problems. It is imperative that all other dental issues be treated first. Scans can be performed to determine if the patient has sufficient bone in which to place the  implant. If there is not enough bone, then grafting techniques can be used to get around this problem.

It is important that one has good general health before surgery can be performed. The dental implant procedure has undergone extensive testing, and has a success rate of 90% – 95%. The success rate for dental implants is higher than most other dental procedures.

Reported dental implant complications include cases where the implant does integrate with the jaw bone properly. This is usually due to the patient having an unfavorable bone pattern, or a preexisting infection or pathology. Usually the site will be left to heal for a few months, and then the implant will be reinserted successfully. The incidence of  dental implant complications is very small. With careful pre-surgical planning risks are kept to a minimum.

Occasionally, dental implant failure can occur after years of having a healthy dental implant. In such a case, the dental implant is usually overloaded. This can occur as a result of the patient grinding or clenching his teeth. Dental implant failure can also occur if the patient does not have enough dental implants to begin with (if the patient is trying to save money they may go for less dental implants than they actually need).

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    Thank you for helping to educate the public on this matter.

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    Dental Implant Complications What are the Complications of Having Dental Implants? The material used in a dental implant is titanium…..

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