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Dental Implants – A new lease on life

Dental Implants Case Study

Dental Implants Gave Valerie a new lease of life!

Valerie, an accountant, aged 62 years had been wearing dentures for 30+ years.  All those years ago dentures were the only option…a lifetime sentence to insecurity about ones’ teeth.

The lower jaw bone had receded through the pressure and movement of the lower denture over the years of chewing.  She had the dentures replaced multiple times and relined often.  Each time the dentures, particularly the lower, continued to move and caused soreness when eating.
Valerie eventually decided upon a dental implant solution.  She wanted a permanent solution to her lifetime of being a dental cripple.
After a prosthodontic consultation and a panoramic xray (which shows the oral surgeon the bone volume and quality, a decision was made by the Secure Smiles team to place 5 dental implants on the lower jaw and immediately attach a fixed hybrid prosthesis, which is literally bolted down solidly onto the new dental implants.  4 implants on the upper holding in a horseshoe “snap on”, completed the full rehabilitation.  A simple, yet elegant solution to Valeries’ dental problems.
The prosthodontist, was able to craft a natural, yet stong prosthesis to give Valerie a beautiful smile.
Valerie is now a happy camper, able to chew all the foods she loves without being concerned about loose dentures ever again!
Secure Smiles delivered on thier promise of a solid bite and a natural feel and look.
This has changed Valeries’ whole outlook, no longer is she nervous about the embarrassement loose dentures can cause in various social, professional and intimate situations.
Now with minimal ongoing maintenance Secure Smiles Beverly Hills, has given Valerie a new lease on life!

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