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Dental Implants Cost

Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants is generally exorbitant. Most dentists charge a fortune for the dental implant procedure, making it a very lucrative exercise. Like everything though, there will always be competition, and it looks like competition has finally kicked in, and dental specialists and dentists are having to lower their prices in order to compete for potential clients.

Most dentists charge about $2,500 to place a dental implant, which is actually a titanium screw, drilled into the bone of the jaw. So you are paying $2,500 for the titanium screw and the process of surgically implanting the screw into the bone of the mouth, hence, dental implant.

What people are perhaps unaware of, is the fact that once the titanium screw is secured into the jaw, you then have to pay for the actual prosthetic tooth on top of this. Think of the titanium screw as the root of the tooth, and the prosthetic tooth as the part of the tooth that we all see. The prosthetic tooth can be pretty pricey too, so once you add these two up, it can start to get extremely expensive.

Multiply this by the number of missing teeth you have and thereby false teeth that you need, and the numbers could start getting out of control. Who can afford this? The reality is that most people will have to take out a loan, and pay their shockingly high dental bills over time. You could be paying off your teeth for the rest of your life. Quite a scary thought.

There is however hope for those of you who do not wish to plunge up to your eye balls in debt. What if I told you that you could get your dental implants done by an award winning Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon in a top Beverly Hills dental office at the mere price of $825? Further, in the same office, you will have your prosthetic teeth placed by a top Beverly Hills Prosthodontist, who, amongst many of his impressive achievements, taught at Harvard.

This dynamic duo work as a team in placing dental implants and the false teeth required as a package. You will not need to go anywhere else as everything is performed in the same beautifully decked out Beverly Hills office. This surgery really has the whole package. Highly experienced, qualified specialists, beautiful surroundings, friendly, and accommodating staff, great location, and best of all, incredibly affordable prices.

To learn more about this practice, check out Secure Smiles, and give them a call to book a free consultation, and see for your self!

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